TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN – Funny Dogs, vines, fails & Kids Compilation 2016

TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN – Funny Kids & Dogs Compilation 2016. Fun video! Showing videos from vines and fun compilations videos. Kiki Pepper Reacts WATCH IN HD!

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My Birthday is December 3rd

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Camera: Canon camera SX610 HS
Lighting: Ring light
Editing: Adobe Premerie Pro

What makeup am I wearing: I like to wear light natural makeup.
Eyebrow pencil

Fun facts:
Location: Maryland
My top 5 YouTube channels that I watch: iiSuperwomanii – Miranda Sings – Lizza – Rclbeauty101 – MyLifeAsEva

Welcome to my Peppers family! I’m KiKi Pepper and I make fun thought provoking videos. My videos are fun, comedy, news reports, reaction, Top 10, challenges, reviews, compilations and so much more. I make kid friendly content that the entire family can watch together. If you like to laugh, cry or say WOW then this is channel is for you. I love animals and helping others realize that it is ok to be different. We all have a story and no matter who you are these videos will help change your life in a positive way.
Thanks for watching! – KiKi Pepper

Video Description:
You will find a lot of different videos in the compilation. Kids, dogs, pets, fails, challenge, FunnyKidsVines, FunnyVines, FunnyKidsVinesCompilation, Vines , funnyvines2016, bestvines, funnykids ect.


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