(Rescue) Valentino – “The Piano Playing, Dancing & Singing Hound Dog”~~~!

Valentino came into our home as a rescue about 12 years ago. He was about 6-7 years old when we adopted him. He got his name from the heart shapes on his side and his loving ways. Valentino is a Tennessee Walker or more commonly called a bird or coon hound. Val suffered from serve hip dysplasia when we adopted him. His back legs would give out when he tried to run, but he would still drag himself to keep up with the other dogs. Val had a great attitude and loved to play. If you were sitting with just socks on. Valentino would come up and gently with his teeth pull each sock off. Then start to kiss your toes. We lost Valentino to cancer in March 2013.

The small piano was for our granddaughter. She was 2 when we got Valentino. Val quickly became her dog. He would sleep next to her on the couch and in the bed. Only he had to be helped into the bed because of his hip problems. She would hang on Val’s back like he was a pony and he never objected. Valentino on his own started playing the piano to get attention and to get (Treats). Val gave us 7 great years of fun, love and joy. It was one of my saddest days when we had to let him go. Valentine was one of 3 dogs that we had at that time. All 3 have passed away, but we are a family of 3 additional rescue dogs. Including another Walker hound that looks much like Valentino. We named him – Valentine. As we adopted Valentine on (Valentine’s Day) from the Humane Society in Boone, NC.

The Walker hounds are great family dogs. They get along great with other dogs. Our other dogs are a Beagle from the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue and Bichon Frise rescue. All of these dogs are great with children and other dogs.

Val came down sick early on a Sat. morning. Our vet at the time recommended taking Val to Emergency & Critical Care Pet Hospital on Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville, FL. All I can say is that the next time I would put my own animal down before ever letting these people touch him. They are a horrible ripoff company.


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