Dexter! CRAZY DOG walking on Hind Legs in the rain and loving life! Try not to Laugh!

Woof, I’m Dexter! On today’s adventure, I am walking on my back legs in the rain. I wish I could sing in the rain or dance in the rain but I just walk like a human in the rain. Sometimes I hop so I hope that is closer to the famous dance. I am just a funny dog who lives deep in the mountains of Colorado Dog who walks on my hind legs in a mountain town. I want you to see my style of my walk. Notice how not everything here is level even on our Main Street of Ouray, Colorado and on the side streets we still have some dirt roads which I love to walk on! I love to balance on my hind legs and hike around my little but beautiful mountain community. There is always a lot to see. Some days I walk upright on my hind legs and others I tend to stroll on my back legs at a slower pace. There are some days I walk on my two legs at almost a run and you have to catch up to me.

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Catch my videos because I also am known to hop like a kangaroo or a bunny rabbit instead of walking upright. I am truly a tripawd or tripod dog who has learned by myself how to go on a walk in a funny dog kind of way. I have been known to be called a circus dog, a funny dog or an inspiration to all. I have not stopped in a Brittany Spaniel kind of way. I always have a smile on my face and a funny comic relief to share with those around me. This is truly a dog love walking kind of dog story you must follow as I post every week.

Come with me! I lovez walking around on my hind legs to see what is going on around town. Please subscribe and like this video if you want to see more of my Dexterous shenanigans! Bye for today!

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This video is all about Dexter the dog walking on his 2 hind legs as he shows you his town. As far as this dog is concerned nothing has changed in his life except his tripod status. This crazy dog video shows how happy life can be for all of us. This Brittany Spaniel named Dexter loves everyone and everything including life! Dexter smiles every day making anyone around him laugh!
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