Groove Builders EP#17 – Robotime – Seymour the Faithful Singing Dog

YouTube Welcome to Groove Builders!

In this episode we are attempting to build Seymour the faithful singing dog from Robotime. Due to a hard drive crash I lost all of my build footage but I still wanted to cover this very popular wood model. Once i recover the footage I will update this video with my full overview 🙂

Seymour :

Build – 9/10 seymour is a great wood model set. this model is alot of fun but does have some parts that are not complete. Be prepared to make some adjustments.

Detail – 9/10 The detail on this model is great and with a smart paint job i’m sure there will be some great looking singing dogs out there.

Overall – 9/10 Buy it! If you are looking to get into wood models this is a good place to start. Its not very hard and the end model stands out on any desk.

Until next time Groove Builders,
Keep building!


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