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My Old Dog Videos “Making My Dogs Go Crazy” Part 1

There’s a lizard inside my old home and my dogs saw the lizard. I kept saying, “There’s the lizard! There’s the lizard!” Saying that over and over again to make them go crazy. I could not understan…
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Crazy Dogs get the GoPro & Fun wih the Rottweiler

The dogs don’t know what to think of the GoPro in the pool… “Get the GoPro” Bark – Bark..! Bloopers and Funny Stuff in the swimming pool SEE other STUFF: A GoPro Underwater test great…
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DOGS ARE GOOFY! – Crazy Dogs Compilation

DOGS ARE GOOFY – THAT’S WHY THEY ARE THE BEST!!! The crazier the dog – the cuter it is. That’s the motto! Smart and stupid at the same time? Yep, that’s possible if you are a dog. Wanna see…